Tween Tribune!:) Daniel Bessonov; 9 year old swimmer:)

Daniel Bessonov swam from Alcatraz Island to the San Francisco Bay in the horrible waters. This is something prisoners from the Civil War you have loved to do but would have probably died in the extreme waters and rushing waves. Himself and his coach, Jordan Wood, found out it takes 41 minutes to swim the two miles from the island to the shore. It was said that no escape would ever happen because of the treacherous waters.

I think that him being only 9 years old and already accomplishing something that said could never be done is pretty amazing! I mean how many kids to you know that can swim 2 miles in 41 minutes. If I was doing that I would be so scared. No matter how many times I had practiced or tried before. He had to study the currents so he knew what times and what happened then and when would be the bad times and when it would be good. It would take a lot of work to do something that you really wanted to do. It just shows that when you really try hard and work hard on something and put your mind to it you can do anything. He is a true inspiration.