The Buddha:)

Image: 'laughing-buddha'

Image: 'laughing-buddha'

Once upon a time, in a far away land called Rootablog a certain man was so skinny he could hardly walk without breaking his legs in half. He was very unhappy for many years in his adulthood. He didn’t understand how this happened to him. When he was younger he was always running around and having a good time. Once he hit the age of 19 he started losing a ton of weight and getting super skinny. He went to many monks and they told him that he must have not been eating enough food to make them happy so they just made him skinny . So he made a deal with them that if he would eat a lot of food for two months that he could have his old life back. They said yes and so he went to every unhealthy restaurant and ate everything he could that would make him bigger. He finally got big enough for the monks. When he went to tell them the good news but they would not listen. He would not give up without a fight so after many hours of arguing they decided to freeze him in time. He always wanted more so they made him into gold and he is now in many houses around the world.:)

To add the attribution to your pictures:)

To add the attribution to your pictures you need to do the following in these steps:

  1. After you find the picture you want above should be the attribution.
  2. Highlight the image description and right click, hit copy.
  3. Once you get the picture to your post, in the box that shows the details it should say caption.
  4. That is where you right click again and press “paste” it should go right into that box.
  5. Hit Insert into post
  6. It should have the attribution right under the picture.
  7. Go to the right and press publish
  8. Now your done!:)

Why would we use pictures?

Why do we put pictures on our blogs? I mean we could just have our posts and cool little widgets right? Wrong. We need pictures so we can see what people are talking about. They may be talking about a dog that they have and it has spots and brown and white colors on the legs. We may be able to see it in our heads but we would never be able to see the real image. Pictures help us just to make our blogs interesting. The pictures make it not all dull and boring. 🙂 Pictures are always good to have.:)

My top 5 Pet Peeves!

I have soo many pet peeves that it is ridiculous. I am only going to tell you about the top 5 of mine.

1. When people eat with their mouths open.

2. When people text with like u, ur, l8er. Junk like that is annoying!:P

3. When people take my things constantly.

4. Also when people try and jump into a conversation that they were not included in in the first place.

5. When people click the pen that they have in their hands over, and over, and over again!


This weekend is going to rock my socks off!:) I am going camping with my best friend. We are going to a camping park near a town by my town.:) Every year they have a weekend called the Hallowfest. It is always in October obviously. But they have haunted hayrack rides that go around the park and they have people jump out and scare you have to death! They also have little scenes of people on the side of the road doing stuff… ha it can get pretty intense! They have things you can do like make t-shirts, and gravestones. Also they have pumpkin rolling contest. Everyone that wants to compete goes to this truck and pick the pumpkin that they think will win. Once everyone has one they chose they call you to the top of the hill by your age. Then when its your turn you roll down and they have things that it can bump into and everything:) It is really fun! On one of the nights people decorate their campers and the ones with the best decorations get a prize. The kids can go trick-or-treating, no matter what age.:) I have gone with them for many years. So its kinda like a tradition.:) I cant wait!


Yayy! Friday is here! I am soo happy!:)) Fridays are the best for many reasons! One, there are shorter assignments. Two things are fun and everyone is always happy! Three, the weekend is here, and to go along with that one more time to hang out with all of the frendss:) So therefore Fridays are pretty much bomb! Just sayingg:)

My opinion…

I think that kids shouldn’t put pictures of themselves on their blogs. We aren’t completely sure about who sees and reads what we put on here. Our privacy is not always protected just because we think it is. Anyone could see anything we put on here at any time.

The New iPod Nano:)

The new ipod has a small square body. Instead of the wheel control, it is a touch-screen with many buttons. Its less than half of the size of the original nano. It will fit in anyone’s pocket! The new nano now has a clip on the back so when you are walking or running it won’t fall out of your pocket or get lost. Apple took some chances with this ipod this time. There is no more video recording or playback features, and it has a touch screen. You don’t always have to have the screen turned the right way. It already will flip to the side you want with just using your two fingers.